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My name is Marco Sison and I am a failure

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b2ap3_thumbnail_frabz-The-fail-is-strong-in-this-one-7c97cd.jpgI have done everything by the book.  I connected all the dots.  I was a Dean's List student at a competitive Top 10 Business School (Indiana University).  I graduated with 4 Majors (Information Systems, Accounting, International Business, and Operations Management) and a Minor (Speech Communication).



I landed successful internships with a Kleiner Perkins company, Intel, and GE (Intern of the Year).  I climbed the ladder of several large Publicly Traded Corporations, eventually landing a Vice President role.  6 years after graduation, I had a net worth over $500,000.  1 Year, I busted my hump enough that I earned over $250,000 of total compensation.


I should be ecstatic with my professional success.  But I am not.  Never had been.  Do YOU want to continue working 60, 70, or 100 hours a week so that you *might* be able to retire when you are 65? I didn't.  Still don't.  I wanted a life.  I wanted to experience the world.  I envied reading about the Nomadic Backpackers who traveled to distant locales and doing things I only read about.


A college friend told me about "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.  While I no longer think highly of Robert Kiyosaki (several suspect scam-ey things about him, Google it), I do have to credit my friend and the initial recommendation to read his books with my philosophy around Passive Income.  I decided to embrace it wholehearted.  I started my first business.  I sold all my stocks, cashed in my options, borrowed money from my family, and took out a home equity loan to open up my first business.


Chopperz- the NON Salon.I diligently analyzed the market.  Ran scenarios and financial analysis to minimize risk and ensure it worked.  I spent $30,000 on professional market research to supplement the months of analysis I had all ready done myself.  I spent over $15,000 on marketing collateral.  I designed systems and processes to ensure consistent service.  I invested in technology.  In the end, I failed.


I had some success.  We were on pace for $350,000 of top line revenue.  I was able to work a full-time job, while letting the "systems" I built run the business.  Why Chopperz failed will be the subject of a series of posts, but in the end, we shut our doors after throwing in another $100,000, because I was stubborn.  I believed all the books I read, all my business experience could turn things around.  I had wiped out my net worth and was in heavy debt.


I have recovered.  There is nothing magical about it. There is nothing exceptional about me.  I didn't get a money because I struck it rich with an IPO (I did go through two IPOs, but didn't get big stakes in either).  I am not some phenom salesman, who landed a bunch of big accounts and made my money on commission (I have had sales positions, but they were salary, not commision jobs).  This blog will not be about my recovery.  I am an average guy, who just worked a crapload hours in corporate jobs and scrimped and saved to recover.


I am battered.  I am bruised.  But I am not undone.What this blog will focus on is on the here and now.  I am your crash test dummy on how to build financial freedom.  Why should you follow me, when there are literally HUNDREDS of blogging "experts" who want to tell you how they made it?


  1. Experimentation- You can spend months and years, reading blogs and books on how to start an online lifestyle business.  Then you can spend another year choosing which tools to use.  Do you use Wordpress or Joomla?  Do you use OpenCart or Shopify?  The reality is too much information leads to inaction and analysis paralysis.  The reality is YOU probably don't have the money to experiment.  I do.  Let me be your Crash Test dummy.  I will share with you what works and what doesn't.


  2. Transparency-  I am starting this journey from scratch.  I am not waiting until I have a full blown, successful, business, to show you proof that my system is awesome.  I will post month results.  You will experience my growth and declines, while getting the insights that others will not give you.  I will show my warts and faults, so you can avoid them.   

Want more No-BS insights to a happy retirement? Join me on my adventure.

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